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Best way to explore Kashmir in summer season, it is  easy and most affordable way to travel in Srinagar Kashmir. Enjoy Kashmir on wheels, share your ride with your Friends and Family 

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Rent a Bike in Srinagar

Most Easy and Cheapest way of Travelling in Srinagar Kashmir 

Easy Booking Process

Renting a bike in Srinagar is a hassle-free process. Srinagar bike rentals user-friendly websites that allow you to browse through their fleet, select your preferred bike, choose the rental duration, and make a booking in a matter of minutes. Srinagar bike Rentals also offers delivery and pick-up services for added convenience.

Freedom to Explore

With a rental bike, you have the freedom to explore the city and its surroundings at your own pace. You can detour to less-traveled paths, admire the scenic views, and stop wherever you please. Rent a bike in Srinagar gives you freedom to control your trip and allows riders to experience the scenes of nature in open air.

Choice of Bikes

Srinagar bike rentals  offer a wide range of bikes to suit different requirements. From comfortable scooters for city exploration to sturdy Royal Enfield’s for rugged terrains, you can choose a bike that fits your adventure perfectly. All bikes in Srinagar are covered with third party insurance which makes sure that your ride is protected. 

Our Rental Options

Royal Enfield's

Ola EV's


Sports Bikes


Rental Cars

Srinagar Bike Rentals Rates

List of bike rental price in Srinagar Kashmir at one place

Rental BikesPrice
Royal Enfield 350 cc₹1500/day
Royal Enfield 500 cc₹1700/day
Royal Enfield Himalayan₹1800/day
Bajaj Avenger₹1500/day
Pulsar 150₹1100/day
Pulsar NS200₹1300/day
Ola Ev₹1100/day
TVS Ntorq₹1000/day
TVS Jupiter₹900/day
*Note: All prices are exclusive of fuel & Security Deposit. Images used for representation purposes only, actual color may vary.

Monthly Bike Rentals

You can book your Bike for a month in Srinagar.
For details you can get in touch with us

Rent a Bike in Srinagar: Exploring the Paradise on Bikes

Exploring Kashmir on bikes is dream of most of the travelers. Kashmir offers one of the best scenes for bikers to experience with  blend of beauty and cultural richness. While the city offers various transportation options, renting a bike emerges as a popular choice for those craving a personalized and immersive experience. Our aim is give you best bikes in the city  & we will navigate the ins and outs of bike rentals in Srinagar, covering everything from the iconic Dal Lake to the historic ShankarAcharya Temple.

You can also choose the option of rent a car in Srinagar. In self drive cars you get equal amount of freedom of your journey. you can stop anywhere and customize your plan accordingly. Self Drive cars in Srinagar allows you to explore Srinagar city and experience the culture of Kashmiri’s in old towns. You can Book with us on Car rental Srinagar .

How to Rent a Bike in Srinagar

  • Online Booking: Renting a bike in Srinagar is a straightforward process, whether you prefer online bookings or walk-in rentals. To Pre book you bike for Kashmir tour , you need to call 9622222897 for reserving your bike. You need to submit booking amount for bike reservation. Once your booking is done you have to submit your valid documents and security deposit amount that will be refunded at the time of return.
  • Physical Rental Shops and Their Locations: For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, Srinagar boasts several physical rental shops scattered across the city. You can book your bike by visiting our office where you can all options of rental bikes.  We provide a wide selection of bikes but also offer the chance to interact with locals, gaining valuable insights into the best routes and hidden gems.

Benefits of Renting a Bike

  • Flexibility and Freedom: One of the primary advantages of renting a bike in Srinagar is the unparalleled flexibility it offers. Unlike traditional modes of transportation, a bike allows you to chart your course, providing the freedom to explore off-the-beaten paths and hidden gems that may be missed otherwise. It’s the embodiment of the journey being as important as the destination.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Renting a bike proves to be a cost-effective option, especially for solo travelers or small groups. With fuel-efficient models available for rent, the cost of exploring the city reduces significantly compared to hiring a taxi or using other public transportation modes. This financial flexibility allows travelers to allocate their budget to other experiences, making the trip more memorable.
  • Environmental Impact: In an era where sustainability is at the forefront of global consciousness, opting for a bike rental in Srinagar aligns with eco-friendly travel practices. Biking has a minimal carbon footprint compared to conventional modes of transportation, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible tourism model.

Safety Measures and Regulations

Emphasizing the Importance of Safety Gear

Safety is paramount when exploring any destination on a bike. Rental agencies in Srinagar prioritize rider safety by providing necessary safety gear such as helmets, gloves, and knee guards. Ensuring that riders adhere to these safety measures enhances the overall biking experience and minimizes the risk of accidents.

Local Regulations and Traffic Guidelines

Before embarking on a biking adventure in Srinagar, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with local traffic regulations and guidelines. Understanding the rules of the road not only ensures a smooth journey but also contributes to the overall safety of both the rider and others on the road.

Srinagar bike rentals


Get answers to commonly asked questions related to  Srinagar Bike Rentals Services. We tried to cover all important points that comes to your mind while renting a bike in Srinagar Kashmir.

Can I Rent a Bike in Srinagar?

Yes, you can rent a bike in Srinagar to travel around in Srinagar

Cost of Renting a bike in Srinagar starts from 1500/day and it can go upto 22oo/day 

You need to carry 0riginal Hard Copy of Driving License or Passport need to submit at the time of receiving vehicle. 

Yes, you can rent a bike from Srinagar to Ladakh

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